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The California Pines Annual Meeting will be held at the Peppermill Resort, in Reno, Nevada, on March 16, 2013 at 9:00 AM.

Has anything changed for the better over the past five years?


"March 8, 2008 – California Pines Annual Meeting. This seemed a little like dejavu to me. Here we were at the same hotel in Huntington Beach as we were two years ago, the same people on the board ( many looking near death ) and addressing the same issues that were noted in minutes of the meetings from 1980."

"Plain and simple … if you keep doing things the same way – you will keep getting the same results. This may work at McDonalds, but it has been a stake through the heart of all California Pines land owners as the current Board of Directors does things “their way” with no regard to the wants and needs of the land owners. It is incredible, but these people have been managing this development for a very long time and doing pretty much whatever they want to do. Unlike a housing track with CCR’s and a sitting Board and home owners that actually live right there and very involved with the neighborhood, California Pines land owners are mostly not present onsite. In fact, many California Pines land owners have NEVER seen their property. Many lots are owned by descendents of the original land owners that bought their property at the urging of Erik Estrada. When the land owners are not actively participating in the POA, the board runs itself with no oversight. (While the cat is away – the mice will play)"


"The meeting started pretty much on time. However, the meeting took about 40 minutes to get past the first real item on the agenda .. the election of officers. This entire election thing is RIGGED. The Board of Directors will only allow people THEY want on the Board, and rejects all requests from anyone else. We have applied twice now to be nominated to the Board of Directors, and twice been ignored because we are not in the “good ol’ boys club.” When Stricklen was asked about these nominations, he proceeded to tell the crowd to be nominated to the Board of Directors, you must submit a petition signed by 200 land owners. This was new news to everyone, and we will check the validity of this claim. We did not see any petitions supporting the existing board, or re-elected officers? Maybe this requirement does not apply to the “insiders club?” We will officially letter the Board and ask them for copies of the petitions with 200 signatures for other Board members."

"Other owners questioned the election process. Others asked why there was no information available on the officers they were voting on. It seems the POA wants to send out “proxy votes” for owners to sign, but they do not want to provide the background on anyone running for office …not even a paragraph on them …just vote for them because we sent you a proxy-vote paper. There were many objections to the way the elections have occurred and the terms of the Board Members. It seems they Board has passed somewhere ( most probably illegally ) the abolishment of short term limits as called for in the original ByLaws."

"It seems that many, if not most of the Board members have not been to the California Pines property for many years! That is shocking. There was discussion of why the Board meetings and other meetings are not being operated from California Pines / Alturus. Why should the operation of the California Pines development be operated from Southern California by persons that have not visited the area they are managing for years and years? There is just something not right about this."


"Finally the financial report was talking about the year 2007. Usually at these meetings, the Board wants to talk about financials from two years past, and nothing current. But when questioned about specific expenditures, the questions we declined for a later part in the meeting. ( not while the actual topic was being discussed ) Later in the meeting when questions were asked about specific expenditures, either no answer or non-specific answers were provided. For example, nobody could answer why $15,000 was spend on “travel related expenses” when basically nobody on the Board has been to the property? There never was any answer to this question. There are many questionable line items on this non-audited report. We believe the owners have a RIGHT to see an AUDITED financial statement!"

"The board paraded out “Hank” to tell everyone how wonderful it is to be part of the growth of California Pines and we should all be patient. I guess nobody has told them how fast other successful developments have evolved. California Pines has really done nothing but collected dues and property taxes for many years."

"DUES were brought up. The original CCR’s called for $30.00 per month dues. The ONLY way this could be changed was by a DOCUMENT being filed with the County of Modoc, signed by 51% of the property owners ( like the petition they insisted was needed to be nominated ) requesting the increase in dues. When asked about the potentially illegal raise in dues, Charles Sticklen insisted they took a vote at an annual meeting to raise the dues and this was legal. However, that method is not legal, but as long as everyone pays their dues and does not challenge this, they can continue to get away with this."

"UNIT 5 -- Not necessarily challenging the validity of the reason for $75.00, we asked why absolutely nothing was done for Unit 5 owners with the dues. Absolutely nothing! Unit 5 owners pay into the POA $375,000 in dues and have been getting nothing back for their contributions. No roads, no signs, no utilities, NOTHING. Fact is no money has been spent on Unit 5, but they just keep asking for more and more money. This is just plain not right!"

"It would be our hope the Unit 5 owners all get together and separate from the POA and organize their own POA that will actually make improvements in the Unit 5 area. Legally we can do this. Just takes a vote of 51% of the owners to vacate the current CCR’s and Board and then we will be on our own."

"CCR’s and Enforcement -- It was brought up AGAIN ( same as minutes from the 80’s ) why no CCR enforcement has been done. And the question was asked of Stricklen if the CCR’s were really still enforceable since they have not been enforced … ever. There was no straight answer, but our guess is from the answers, the CCR’s are probably not legally enforceable. The trailer park is a mess and there are lots violating the CCR’s everywhere and nobody will do [anything] to enforce them. Take a look at the photo of the trailer park sent in to us by another resident of California Pines."

"MEETING – Most of this meeting was a total waste of time. It is evident the Board lets the owners that are willing to attend these meetings have one day to stand on their soap-box and vent their feelings, all well knowing the issues will never leave the room and they will be safe until the next annual meeting. After all, it has been this way for 40 years, why change things now?"

"This Board of Directors is “dug in” and they are there to stay until they croak (and that looks like it may be soon for some of them) . They will continue to do what they want to do …. No matter what you say and how you feel until they are removed from their posts. So unless you are ready as a land owner to unite as a force to be reckoned with, you might as well just shut up and accept your fate. The ONLY way you are going to knock these people from their horse is to cut them off at the legs:"

"1) Take away the money! The dues are illegal and not properly filed with the County as called for in the CCR’s. Don’t pay your dues …or only pay the original $30 specified in your paperwork. If you take that 1.4 million from them, they will no longer be interested in California Pines. Come on .. this board is not being paid …they have been there for 30 years with the same guys … so you need to ask yourself “why?” There is something we are not being told!"

"2) Break out of the POA! Each Unit has the right to have their own governing POA if they so decided to do so. All this takes is a petition signed by 51% of the owners in that Unit and you can have your own budget and POA. Trust me, this Board of Directors is counting on the fact WE will not be able to rally the owners and come up with a majority vote. They are dead wrong .. .the Board is not counting this electronic age as most of them claim they do not have a computer or “understand all of this Internet stuff.” We will unite .. it may not be this year, it may not be next year, but we will unite!"

"This is really your only hope of getting anything done in this mess. This Board of Directors is just too embedded to move one way or another. You have to remove their reason for being there .. handling all of this money! Taking the Units out of the POA would drop their money radically. Imagine if we can get Unit 5 to leave and take the $375,000 with them!"

"If you are an owner .. UNITE .. if you are thinking of being a California Pines Owner .. FORGET IT !!"

(emphasis added)

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